Patient advocate

I help patients and their families identify resources and communicate with providers so that patients can get the best care with fewer obstacles. I do not practice medicine.
Here's what I do:
Beginning with a non-directive discussion to learn the patient's needs, values & priorities
  • Support patient in setting their own health goals
  • Assess & address info, resource & practical support needs
  • Help patient & family prepare for treatment & care transitions 
  • Provide appropriate referrals such as geriatric case management or family mediation

For those with new diagnoses or acute health problems  

Research and share with patient (and family) information about
  • patient’s diagnosis as provided by patient’s physician
  • potential treatment options
  • skill level and reported safety record for doctors and other care providers
  • reported safety record for hospitals and other treatment locations
  • available resources as needed and requested, e.g.
  • community-based support groups
  • integrative medicine therapies
  • nutrition support or counseling
  • Support patient in creating list of questions for healthcare providers
  • Accompany patient, if requested, to doctors’ appointments as note taker
  • Support patient during his/her decision-making process
  • Accompany patient, if requested, during hospitalization to facilitate communication among and between patient, family and caregivers
  • Assist patient with records keeping
  • Support patient’s efforts toward treatment adherence / support patient in setting and meeting his or oher desired health goals 
During care transitions e.g., hospital discharge
  • Assist patient and family with logistics
  • Identify resources for practical support
  • Facilitate communication among and between family and caregivers
  • Help patients and families implement prescribed care routines, e.g., follow up ­­appointments, surgical wound observation 

For more info, call or email: 415-505-6961