Friday, October 24, 2008

From Health 2.0

I was among the lucky who attended part of Health 2.0 yesterday. Here are some short takes:

Closing remarks were delivered by Rob Kolodner, MD, David Kibbe, MD, David Lansky, PhD and Alan Greene, MD and moderated by Brian Klepper, PhD. These gentlemen were passionate and yes, brilliant. The fundamental unanswered question was not “is healthcare a right or a privilege?” but rather “are we trying to change healthcare delivery or just automate the existing disfunction?

I wish these questions had kicked off the program rather than fallen at the end. They deserve a more viable audience than a ballroom half full of exhausted people far from home. I suspect not every Health 2.0 entrepreneur has answered this question for himself or herself. Hopefully we’ll see greater clarity – perhaps even cohesion -- now that the issue has been raised.

Note to Dr Klepper: your burnout is showing – and it’s not helpful to your cause.

* * * * *

73 percent of Americans would prefer to die at home, but anywhere between 20-50 percent die in hospital settings.

Engage With Grace wants Americans to fathom the unfathomable: to take pause in our hectic lives and consider how they might end. Alexandra Drane, president of Eliza Corp. and Matthew Holt created the one-slide project. They want to spawn a viral movement that leaves in its wake documentation about our preferences for end-of-life care. Our own end of life care. It’s not a theoretical exercise. Tread lightly.

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