Thursday, August 20, 2009

Up to Speed on Health Insurance Reform?

Fearful reactionaries notwithstanding, 53 percent of the public believes that tackling health reform is more important than ever, according to a survey released today by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Having not written about healthcare -- or, more accurately, health INSURANCE -- reform since last year, I feel compelled to note a couple of resources for understanding what's at stake and where we stand.
  • Many lively conversations begin with doodles on a bar napkin: Chris Roam has adopted the format to create a highly accessible slideset with clever graphics.
  • A bibliography (links arranged in a list, for the post-"biblios" generations) at The New York Times blog "Prescriptions" looks very promising.
  • A tool to compare the healthcare reform bills by the Kaiser Family Foundation
  • How a bill becomes law: the steps to passage are rather painstakingly documented by the advocacy group "Health Care for American Now," a coalition of PACs and non profit groups.
Read more about it at Reality Check, the official White House site.

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