Monday, June 2, 2008

I Remember when PSA meant Public Service Announcement

I’m quivering just a little. Two unexpected announcements in as many days and suddenly it’s all prostate cancer, all around:

  • A friend let me know that his beloved partner of many years has been recently diagnosed at a very early stage. I worry about the quality of his healthcare at Kaiser.
  • A colleague has returned to town, midstream (pun intended) in his unconventional battle against stage IV. I worry about his PSA. I worry about his long term prognosis.

My rabbi was treated there two summers ago and it didn’t go well. Now, after lots of seemingly-unnecessary suffering, Rabbi D is back on his feet. Because of Kaiser’s care or in spite of it?

Alternative medicine
When it comes to remedies outside the mainstream I can get nervous and skeptical. But given a stage IV diagnosis, do any of us know with certainty what we would do?

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