Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Healthcare for all Californians? Just say YES, Governor!

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger

Polls show overwhelming public support for comprehensive healthcare reform with a government guarantee of healthcare for all. But it’s not only popular -- it’s the right thing to do. Europe has figured that out – and achieved better public health than the US, where 47 million people are uninsured. Most of them:

• are in working families and do not have access to employer-sponsored insurance
• are in low- or moderate-income families
• are not eligible for Medicaid
• are burdened with medical bills
• suffer from negative health consequences due to their lack of access to necessary medical care
(Kaiser Family Foundation)

SB 840 takes the money we're already spending and uses it more efficiently to cover everyone. Total savings over the 2006 through 2015 period are projected to be $343.6 million.

Please, Governor. It couldn't be more urgent. Sign SB840 into law and show your leadership by providing health care for Californians.

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